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September in the garden


August was quite a dull month gardening wise and with a few gusty days is the main reason you would see a lot of trees either shedding there foliage early or foliage turning in colour earlier than normal.


September has started a lot brighter although naturally cooler at night.

September is more about jobs in the garden, if you have potatoes in the ground still you need to get them lifted and any fruit still on bushes apples,plums ,raspberries should be more than ready for pulling.


This is a great month for planting evergreen hedges and new shrubs and trees the centre is full of inspiration for autumn and winter colour!

From pansies and violas till wallflower and cyclamons for your pots and baskets.


And shrubs such as

Skimmia rubella

Skimmia reveesiana and hypericums full of berries

Hebe adensis full of flowers

Foliage shrubs such as leucothoe curly red and scarlettya

And much much more.


As a lot off perennials are starting to die off and if you feel they are taking over a certain area of space dig out and split and re-plant in another area for next spring.


Spring flowering bulbs are now in stock and ready for planting in pots,borders or beds.


Daffolids large and small



Crocus or choose from our lovely combination range for example

Tulip calgory (white)with muscari armeniacum (blue)



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