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October in the garden


Well what a great September more sunshine than july and august put together and a great start till autumn with all the amazing colours of foliage changing on the trees and shrubs before they fall.


October is really your last chance till sow grass seed before temperatures really dip in November and always advisable till sow fertilizer along with it as too thicken seed as it appears.


On other side this is also a great month till aerate your lawn and autumn fertilize it till thicken the roots till prevent as much moss for spring.  All the fallen leaves on your lawn need removed as they block the light and in turn damage or kill parts of lawn.

If you have a pond and havenít already placed a net over it I would advise you do as it will catch all fallen leaves.

As October moves into the last 3rd it is a great time till lift and move shrubs or trees or split herbaceous plants ,and towards end of October bare-rooted hedging and trees will start till become available.

Pruning of roses and deciduous hedges and shrubs should be done this month especially roses as winds can damage roots.

With great dry spell weve had make sure you continue till water any new shrubs or trees you have planted this season.


Also re-stake or firm in and tie existing trees as till be sure off no root movement from winds which in turn will leave frost pockets.

The centre is now full off spring flowering bulbs


Autumn/winter bedding pansies,violas,cyclamen,primroses till list a few.

Shrubs for autumn winter berrying

Skimmia revesenia ,hypericum,

Skimmia fructo (white berries)

Callicarpa (purple berries)

Till name a few excellent time till walk around the centre and see all the spectacular colours this autumn.


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