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March in the garden


Febuary in the garden was wet again apart from the 3rd week and just as ground was drying more rain arrived although they always say fermanaghs grass is always greener.

Time till get your  lawnmowers out get cleaned and oiled all ready for 1st cut off the season,unfortunately with such a wet winter moss in ure lawn is inevitable so till help this problem 3days after ure cut your local centre will sell you 4 in 1 feed weed n mosskiller and a tip is too buy a box of sulphate of iron separate and mix it into your bag of 4 in 1just till make iron content for your moss a bit stronger.

Now is the time till plant onion and shallots either in plug trays till start them or in raised beds,pks of veg are also avalible in your local centre .

With a little bit of heat in past few days you can be sure the weeds will start till appear so its important till spray them with weedkiller as soon as possible before they flower and reseed themselves.

Frost can still be a hazard for new fresh foliage or flowers and if in movable pots bring them if frost forecasted or buy garden fleece in your local centre for that added protection.

Also this month start feeding hungry shrubs and roses.

Summer bedding plants are arriving daily for those that want till start ure baskets early and depending on weather can be left outside during the day and brought inside at night or in your  greenhouse or tunnel.

Your local centre is fully stocked now full of shrubs,trees,herbaceous and much much more .

Summer flowering bulbs are also good for pots or borders in your garden saving you money on potted plants later in season.


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